New: Band flat weeding service, Tree cuts from the smallest to the largest

-Creating a development plan

-Recruitment of land and flat bands

-Installation of soil & peat

-Creating strip plate

-Plant of flowers, trees, shrub & cedar hedge

-Creation of zen gardens

-Installation of cedar mulches

-Decorative stone installation & river stones

- Turnkey service

Excavation & demolition

New: Hydraulic hammer

-Excavation of 12 to 24 inches for installation of paving stones

-Preparation of land & leveling

- Parking Enlargement

- Lawn removal, new lawn relocation

- Asphalt stripping

-Preparation of slabs, cement or pavé-uni for spas & shed

- French drain installation

-Support wall clamp installation & decorative stones

-Demolition of concrete, gallery, steps, patios, sidewalks, pool outline

-Preparation of cracks and installation of mebrane

-Parking Preparation

-Installation of pipes of all kinds

-Demolition of concrete in restricted areas

Our servicesOur services


New: Flower box & patio in treated wood




-Wall support


-Outdoor Kitchen & Outdoor Fireplace


-Sealing stone system

-Decorative stones


-Playing cedars

Catering & Repair

New: Pressure wash, polymer sand & sealer application (Techniseal Product)

-Parking entry & parking in paving stones

-Competition for pool in paving stones

-One and pavement sidewalk

-Patio Patio & Terrace

-Balcon & cement steps cement bonding system

Water & Sewer Line Repair

Aménagement Rousseau now offers its services during the seasonal & winter season for:

-Repair of aqueduct, sewer & water cutter

-Inspection & repair on emergency.

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